Suria Memberships and Packages

The pricing, packages and specials offered at Suria Cryo & Wellness.

Suria Monthly


Included Daily Sessions:

1 Full Body Cryotherapy 1 Localized Cryo 1 Infrared Sauna 1 NormaTec Book Now
Whole Body Cryo Unlimited


Included Daily Sessions:

Once A Day Full Body Cryotherapy Book Now
Your First Full Body Cryotherapy $49 First Time Session
Returning Full Body Cryotherapy $75 per Session
Local or Spot Cryotherapy $39 per Session
Facial Cryotherapy $49 per Session
Infrared Sauna Individual $30 per Session
Infrared Sauna Couples $45 for a Couples Session
NormaTec Compression Therapy 30 Minutes $25 per Session
NormaTec Compression Therapy 60 Minutes $39 per Session

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